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OBDI Multi-Position Tune for 1994-1995

OBDI Multi-Position Tune for 1994-1995

A Quadstar Tuning exclusive!  Customized to fit the 1994 and 1995 6.5L diesels with a removable chip in the PCM.

This is a plug & play unit that holds up to 8 tunes for switching on the fly with our digital selector.  The number of tunes can be programmed anywhere from 3 to 8 total positions and is completely flexible.

Each tune will be created per your vehicle specifications but some examples include:

  1. Valet or Speed Limiter
  2. Stock
  3. Enhanced Stock
  4. Economy
  5. Towing (Light, Heavy)
  6. Performance
  7. Race - Performance + limiters removed
  8. Mild lope idle